Any one else experience this please?

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Hi everyone,

I have OA in my spine (lumbar and cervical). I'm rarely in agony and am fairly used to coping with the day-to-day symptoms now and avoiding making them worse. About a month ago I had a really bad session with my lower back - in agony with muscle spasms for a couple of days and almost unable to move,followed by slow improvement. Nothing unusual for me there.
However, since them I've been left with a sharp pain down the outside of my right thigh and a lot of tenderness over the bony area at the top of the femur. it feels a little like toothache in the wrong place - sharp but also achy. it's always much worse if I sit down for very long, and sometimes wakes me at night too.

My back is much better now, but this pain is still hanging on.
Has anyone else experienced this, or got any ideas what it might be please?
Any suggestions gratefully received!


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    Might be the result of holding yourself differently or awkwardly while your back was in spasm?
    Many years ago I used to get problems with muscle spasms due to the effects of scoliosis and would often end up with stray aches and pains after a bad bout, but given how off-kilter I am due to the curvature I reckoned it was probably inevitable! It usually settled after a while.
    If yours doesn't settle and nothing seems to help(warmth/cold/ painkillers/topical treatments) it would be worth seeing the GP.
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    Hi Naomi

    I have definitely experienced similar issues. Have you seen your GP about it? It really ought to be investigated.

    My sciatic nerve was impinged at one point which took some time to settle.

    More recently I have had bursitis in my hip sort of between the hip bone and bum cheek? I had steroid injections in it twice. Once was not at all effective another time was good for a while. After that I had physio stretching exercises which I still do.

    Either way your Gp may be able to help you with physio referral/medication including muscle relaxants/pain meds etc.

    Best of luck

    Toni xx
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    That's what my hip bursitis feels like. Pain on the outside of my hip joint, but also radiating pain down the side of my leg.

    Also, I can not sit cross legged, or any way that makes my leg bend that way.

    I had an injection once.....lasted about a week, then back to pain. Physical therapy is supposed to be good, and I think it did help some.
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    Thanks for your suggestions everyone :)

    I've been taking Ibuprofen for a few days and it seems to be getting gradually better so I'm wondering if the muscular spasms let to some inflammation in the tendons between the muscle and joints.
    I suspect daffy 2 is right too, holding myself awkwardly hasn't helped either!

    I will see the GP if it doesn't settle down fully soon though.

    Thanks again m0150