Pain in cheek bnes and swelling

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I was diagnosed with RA 18 months ago. I was on MTX and HCQ for a year, but for the last 3 months I have only been on HCQ which seems to be working. But recently I have been getting very sire cheekbones and oedema on the cheekbones. Has anyone else experienced this? MY GPs haven't been much help and I don't have an appointment with my rheumatologist until October.


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    Hi Jackie
    Welcome to the forum pain in the cheek bone must be awful so sorry you are experiencing pain of any description.
    The forum is full of lovely understanding and encouraging people who will understand what you are going through, everyone has some form of Arthritis and are sympathetic and will share with you their experiences.
    Just go to one of our forums Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat being the most popular, or contact the above telephone number if you want to talk to someone it is 08088004050.
    All the best Christine
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    Hello and welcome from me :)

    You're not on steroids as well are you? I know that can make our faces puff up on the cheeks.

    I am also on Hydroxy amongst other things and haven't had this problem.

    I have had problems with my jaw before now and I remember one lady a few years ago having sore teeth.

    Sorry I haven't been much help :?

    Toni xx
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    Thanks both
    No, I'm not on steroids - I had a couple of injections when it all first kicked off 18 months ago but haven't had any for well over a year. I actually think it may be due to me grinding my teeth! Nothing to do with the RA/med after all. I'm still in the early phases of being an RA sufferer so I'm slightly paranoid about every single twinge or symptom!