Connective tissue

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I am developing new pain, this time in the connective tissue between shoulders and neck. If I move the wrong way, I get knife-like pains in the shoulder muscles and tendons.

Has anyone experiences this? I do have scoliosis and the shoulders without rotator cuffs, so my muscles are all out of place.

Thanks for any responses.


  • frogmorton
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    Sounds very sore turtle.

    I do get this and usually take my anti-inflams as prescribed and put a warm wheatbag on it until it settle - usually about 3-5 days in my case.


    Toni x
  • Airwave!
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    Sounds as though a muscle or two are locked up in spasm, to protect an injury or an ongoing issue. As Toni says a hot wheatbag, to relax it, a bath and a gentle masssage? A visit to an osteopath may be called for? I enjoy a scented massage when I can get oh away from her jobs.

    Visits to doctors, physios can take a long time these days.