Hello I’m new here

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Hi i’m new here
I’m Dan 22 from West London with Ankerlosing Spondylitis
Looking to meet and talk to new people


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    Hi Dan and welcome to the forum.
    Hope you find it a friendly and useful place to meet and get to know people who are in similar situations to you.
    You may have seen this already, but here's a link to some info about Ankylosing Spondylitis on the Versus Arthritis website:
    If you have any specific questions to ask, feel free to ask our members here and there is also a helpline - 0800 520 0520 that may be useful.
    best wishes,
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    Hi Dan and welcome.
    My name is Sally and I manage the Versus Arthritis Young People and Families Service in England. Most of our activities are aimed at adolescents but we have a couple coming up that any young person 15-25 with a rhematoid condition are welcome to attend. I do not know what stage of life you are at but we have an event aimed at young people planning to to to university and one about the work place and employment you can find them on this page
    https://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/our-services-and-support/events/filter:Young people and families
    Do get in contact if you want more informtion or to book a place.
    The forum is a friendly supportive place, but at the moment we do not have many young people. Ff you would like to be in contact with people of a similar age to you http://arthursplace.co.uk/ is a great onine magazine with a facebook group for young adults with arthritis. There is also http://asone.nass.co.uk/ which is similar but specifically for young people with ankylosing spondylitis, i do not actually know anyone who have used the ASone group, but the website is good.
    Sorry about all the links, I hope you find something you like.
    best wishes

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    Hi Dan!
    I'm also 22, I have OA and I'm from West London too! How long have you had your condition for?
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    Hi Dan! I'm 20 and also in West London. I have Psoriatic arthritis x
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    Hi Dan, I’m 20 and I have inflammatory arthritis recently diagnosed and from the East Midlands! How are you getting on?