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I've just visited the NHS rheumatoid arthritis symptoms page and it was an eyeopening revelation as I read it. I have most if not all of the symptoms listed there, I don't have dry eyes and I don't fall into the age range where it's most likely to occur (I'm 75 male) but everything else fits me to a tee. I mentioned some early symptoms to my GP a few months ago and she discarded RA and went for Osteoarthritis instead because of my age but now I think it's rheumatoid arthritis and I'll pursue it with her when I see her next, armed with a little more information.
She's a good doctor but is treating me for a number of complaints and the symptoms tend to run into each other ( pulmonary hypertension, prolactinoma, heart failure, achalasia, sleep apnea and others). Although I can walk short distances I depend a lot on a mobility scooter and a stairlift and my wife helps me enough to be deemed a 'Carer' although I try to do as much as I can myself.
I've pretty much convinced my self that I have RA and not OA. so I'll be coming back to this site to get to know of the disease better and to learn from others members of the forum


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    Hi and welcome to the forums,may I suggest you take a look at hope this gives some help.
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    Hello Mekon, it's nice to meet you and I hope you find the forum to be of interest. GPs do not deal with auto-immune arthritis, that comes under the purlieu of rheumatologists so a hospital referral is required. There are close to three hundred kinds of auto-immune inflammatory conditions, many of which overlap in the ways they present so sometimes seeing a rheumatologist is more to rule things out than in.

    I have psoriatic arthritis (PsA) which began back in 1997 when I was 37. Osteoarthritis was diagnosed in 2011, some joints have one, some the other and others both. My rheumatologist ignores the OA and whatever GP I see ignores the PsA. I do my best to ignore both conditions but that is becoming more challenging the older I become! :lol: DD
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    Hello mekon and welcome to the forum we all would prefer not to 'qualify' for :roll:

    I have RA and OA, the former for 57 or so years and the latter for about 45 years. RA is one of the inflammatory forms for arthritis. It can be a bit puzzling because there is also inflammation with OA but that is localised to the particular joint(s) involved. With RA the inflammation is widespread and it feels like that. During a flare it's a kind of 'fluey feeling'. It wipes us out. I do hope you don't have it but you are right to make sure.
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