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I learned an expensive lesson this morning. In January 2016 I took out a new mobile phone contract with O2 via Carphone Warehouse and since March this year something has been niggling away about my monthly instalment cos the phone is fully paid for but I was still paying the usual fees. This morning I was in town bright and early so went into O2 to query it.

My two year contract ended in January this year and, if I had been with O2, my instalments would have halved from February. Because I went through CW they did not because CW do not do this. No doubt that was in the small print so I cannot grumble, this overpayment is down to my inefficiency and has taught me a useful lesson. I am now properly under O2's umbrella and in full control.

If you have a contract through an organisation such as CW please check that this is not happening to you. I've paid out more than £350 which could have been far better spent on shiny things and chocolate. :lol: DD
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    Thankyou for sharing that DD..I think our GD is thinking of going through CW..I will warn her..mine with G Gaff and I am very happy with it..
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    That could be an awlful lot of chocolate...........😂
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    I deal with CW (it's convenient for me and the staff in my local shop are very helpful when I go in saying "I've pressed something but don't know what and something's gone wrong") but I always change the phone every 2 years as it's usually knackered. :lol: I don't use an i-phone or anything flash - just a Nokia 5. If things get too tight financially for me however I will buy a phone and do a "sim-only" deal as a lot of people I know have now swapped to that function. That again, can be a useful way to save money.

    DD - it's a shame you didn't get to spend that £350 on shiny things, but I suspect you are probably very controlled with your chocolate intake if truth be told.

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    Controlled with my chocolate intake? What gives you that ridiculous idea? :lol: Hotel Chocolat have opened a branch in Ipswich, their orange tangs are uh-may-zing (as a certain Mr Revel-Horwood might say). Think a finger of the orange layer of a Jaffa cake strengthened and unsweetened, no rubbish 'sponge' and sealed in dark chocolate . . . . And then there's the Kirsch cherries . . . . I have bought a tub of their rum-soaked sultanas for Mr DD to unwrap on Christmas Day (they won't be eaten by me as I loathe rum). DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben