Happy birthday bubbles / Aidan

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I hope you have a klovely day, Aidan. I expect scones / cake will feature heavily :D Go for it and enjoy :D t120005 m0150


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    Happy Birthday Matron! I hope you are having a lovely day with your special people, both animal and human. DD

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    Happy birthday Bubbles, from all of The Mods

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    Thank you for the Birthday wishes, I had a lovely day, a long lunch out with old friends, well, they aren't old, but you know what I mean :? :lol::lol:
    Cake, yes, scones, yes, too much coffee, yes. All good t4591 t4591

    Love and Sparkles to everyone XXXX Aidan Matron Bubbles :D t115006 t4591
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    Sorry I missed this Bubbles hope you had a fantastic day,I shall dedicate my afternoon tea and cake at Bettys tearoom in York to your birthday. X
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    I didn't forget to say happy birthday to Aidan just did so in the café, but


    it's lovely to see a birthday thread so I must join in!!

    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY Aidan

    love from

    Toni xxx
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    Thank you Mig and Toni, t4591 t4591 t115006 t115006

    I hope the afternoon T at Betty's was as wonderful as it has always been. Used to go to the one in Ilkley, that was when you could smoke in one half of the tea room, so it's a while back :shock: :shock: Smoking Please :)

    I was very grateful when I saw the Birthday thread, kind of everyone, thank you Toni, for the decorations and cake, naturally.

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Aidan Bubbles Matron t4591 t4591

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