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Goodmorning. Ive joined the forum just hoping that someone can give me some help/advice as doctors dont seem to be able too.
I have arthritis in my neck and have difficulty turning my head consequently I am nervous about going out alone. The worst part though...is the dreadful dizziness. Its like walking on marshmallows! Ive had scans , xrays etc. Cant take anti inflammatorys. Im now on Stemetil which isnt doing much good.
Im at a loss as what to do now, any advice appreciated...


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    Welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place. Our forum members are very empathic, offer advice, support, friendship and light relief. I am sure they will be able to offer you support and advice.

    At the top of the page you will see several tabs in a dark grey which give you the different subjects Versus Arthritis can offer you. There is also a free phone helpline on 0800 520 0520 if you feel you would like to speak to someone. They are not medically trained, but if they can't answer your question/query they know someone they can go to to get you an answer.

    I am one of the moderation team and we all have one or more of the Arthritis "hanger ons" or look after family with the same

    I look forward to seeing your future posts

    With best wishes
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    I have severe arthritis in my neck and have hardly been able to move it for years. But I have no dizziness.

    I'd not heard of your medication so I looked it up. It is for dizziness rather than arthritis. If it's not working maybe you could ask to try another.

    Do you have pain from the arthritis?
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    Hello, I have a little OA in my neck but certainly no dizziness - I can understand your concerns about going out alone etc. I am not a doctor but know that dizziness can be related to an inner ear problem, has this been checked? DD
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    Hiya Gidge, I get a similar thing if I lean my head forward, it feels disconnected!

    The one thing with arther that you can rely on is that its different for most of us. But! We all enjoy food, a drink and chatting so come over to Chitchat or lWA and discover how we cope.

    I've just made and cooked two large shepards pies but had to stop and have a lie down to ease my pain enough to finish. There is life with arther you just have to make a little space for him.