Weather it is nobler to suffer the hail and rain

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I felt quite good in the hot weather, some aches and pains had taken a backseat, the stiffness and fatigue had sat on the sidelines, arther was on holiday.

The weather has changed, cold and darkness are our companions along with all the complaints listed above who have returned to trouble us.

Arther you have a lot to explain!


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    Oh dear, Airwave!, I reckon 'tis time for The Reckoning. I think there's a lot to be said for not having better times because they always have to be paid for (never in advance, either). You had a good summer but now comes the inevitable which is the weather norm for most of the British year.

    I presume those with OA who live in sunnier climes might find it easier to manage / live with in a better climate but that's not for the likes of us on our northern, camp and windswept isles. I am sorry, personally I find this part of the year the hardest to live through with declining, poor quality daylight and the increase in damp and cold but we are a mere six weeks or so away from the shortest day then things start to improve on at least one front, albeit barely noticeably.

    Arthritis is a disease not a sentient being. Life is good for those who can take health for granted but as we are not in that number we have to make the best fist of what little we have. You know it can be better because it was better and it will be better again. Firstly, though, the dross has to be waded through to get there. DD
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    I once set up a poll on this topic. On the whole I think OAers hated the winter and autoimmuners the hot summers. Those of us with both were never satisfied :lol: Personally I'm fine with cold as long as it's not damp and I'm not so bad with heat itself but humidity sends me into meltdown and nothing works right.
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    I realised a few weeks ago when a friend and I were discussing the effect of the weather on our various health issues that I have reached a new level in the acceptance chart. Just about everything hurts to some degree just about all the time now, so although yes there are differences in what is most in evidence, it no longer seems relevant most of the time to consider cause and effect. The heatwave made my fibro bad and my joints stiff, but as I have never done well in heat anyway it didn't make that much difference to my activities - just to my general comfort - or lack of! My mental state now has more effect I think, so particularly in damp murky times I find it worth going out anyway - it won't make my joints any worse, and once I've come back to a warm house(and bath if necessary) I feel much better able to cope. Going out when it's sunny is easy, doing it when it's grey, wet and/or cold is much more of an achievement(especially as self-motivation isn't my forte) and so more satisfying.
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    After 40 years of playing arthers game you'd think I could remember what happens after summer but no, I was happy in my own little space.

    Incidentally, after all this time I have been referred to the pain clinic, we'll see what they come up with?

    t110007 like the new ones.
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