Hubby hospital appointment

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I may have left it a little late to ask opinions about this his first app but it does effect my life and in some ways I have to help him but Im not always able to so what I would like to know do we mention the effect his arthritis effects mine ?


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    I think it's a no-brainer, it's a yes from me. My disease affects my husband and anything that happens to him affects me, especially if nursing is involved. Please let us know how you both get on. DD
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    Me too, mig. If you don't tell them they can't help. If you do tell them they mightn't be able to help either but at least you're in with a chance.

    Now, how to tell them without damaging that fragile male ego :roll: If you work it out please let the rest of us know.

    Good luck to both of you. t4591
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