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Hello everyone, I’ve just today joined here. I’m 57 and have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for about 5 years now and am on the maximum dose of methotrexate and am self injecting at home once a week. I have regular flare ups and am forced to go to work (printing trade ) and do heavy lifting and 22 hour shifts on my feet as I don’t get sick pay. I’ve discussed my problems with my MD and his reply was “ if you can’t do the job then leave “
Surely there must be some law against this. So I have to go to work and really strain myself and suffer afterwards for many weeks in terrible pain. I don’t know what to do can anyone offer any advice to me I’m at my whits end and feel so tired and upset fed up with the constant pain. All my consultant says is take more pain killers.
Please help as my marriage and whol life is breaking down.


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    Hello siprego and welcome to the forums from the moderation team.

    I am very sorry to hear how you are suffering with your Rheumatoid Arthritis. As the members will tell you there are lots of medications you can try as well as Methotrexate (MTX). It might be an idea next time you see your consultant to take someone along for support. If you don’t have an appointment due soon you could ask for one.

    This is information about Rheumatoid Arthritis if you don’t already know read the section about treatment then medication then DMARDs. Apologies if you already know all this:

    It does sound as though you having a very difficult time working with your condition. This link tells gives you information about working with arthritis as well as your legal rights.

    If you think it might help to talk over your options please do call our helpline on:

    0800 5200 520 It’s open until 8pm.

    We have a great community here, with lots of experience of arthritis, who I know will make you very welcome and help in any way they can.

    Please do let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes

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    Hello, I have had an auto-immune arthritis for over twenty years and it has never been managed by one medication, I have always taken a minimum of two and still do. I also have osteoarthritis and that is managed by pain relief.

    Your employer is not allowed to treat you in this way but I am nowhere near clued-up enough about employment law and disability rights (I was self-employed and the boss was very understanding).

    My husband and me married just as the arthritis was beginning and he has been by my side throughout. My experience of arthritis is not unique but it is not yours, arthritis not only affects the person who has it, its ripples spread to touch everyone in that person's life. It is a very difficult condition to live with, comprehend and manage but our disease is not us, yes it affects us but does not define us.

    I think it might be worth contacting your local CAB for advice about work and maybe Relate for counselling about your marriage. You can be seen as a couple but also as individuals. Talk to us too, have a read through the Living with Arthritis board and you will see that you are far from alone with dealing with this disease. DD
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    Hi Siprego

    Welcome to the forum.
    I agree with DD about seeking Counselling. I really hope your relationship does not end. Perhaps information you can get on Rheumatoid Arthritis you could share with your family to help them understand how it us for you.
    I wish you all the best.
    Stay strong Siprego
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    Hi Siprego. I have Psoriatic arthritis and Psoriasis. I am nearly 57 and I work fulltime, shifts and long hours. I inject Methotrexate once a week and my dose has just been increase. I have had PsA for over 30yrs and I have had OA for about 10yrs. I am divorced so I take care of me. I really do know how tiring and hard it can be. My GP is not very understanding and tells me "you've had it long enough. Get on with it" Consultants have said to change my job or reduce my hours but as I am sure you will appreciate its not that easy. I am lucky in that I work for a decent company who pays my wages in full for 6mths if I am off sick and we have a proactive union. We also have contractors working for company's and those employees are in the same boat as you. They would receive sick pay and then probably "managed out" My advice may not help but here goes. Speak to your consultant about meds. Can you get into another job in work e.g supervisor where your job is not so labour intensive. Access to work can attend your work place and assess you and ask your employer to make reasonable adjustments. Are you a permanent employee or a contractor ? Do you have a copy of you employment contract ? There are Disability Discrimination Laws and your employer cannot discriminate or punish or make your life more difficult because you have this condition. Ring the helpline on this site. If your employers don't know you have arthritis tell them. If your manager is not understanding contact your HR department. Know your rights. I know this is a lot to take in and when you've been working all day and are tired and in pain you don't have the energy to do any of the above but it will be worth it. Find out if you are entitled to any benefits e.g P.I.P. I wish you well. Good Luck x