Oh piffle!

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Well, the first wet & cold day of this winter has visited me here in Kent. My pain levels went off the scale straight away.

I was in that much pain at work this morning I convinced myself I must have forgotten to have taken my morning meds (Tramadol and Paracetamol), although the sensible part of my brain remembered I had to take them early at 6am. Thankfully I always carry my top-up meds with me so they went in late morning and took the edge off (a little). I've subsequently had another dose when I got home from work at 5pm.

When I got home I checked my tablet sorter and sure enough, I had taken my meds this morning. Well, they flaming well didn't work today! :x

I honestly can't pick out which joint is the gang-leader. All I know is that they've been having a right old party today and I've been the very unhappy gate-crasher. :roll: I tried all the usual tricks - heat, making sure my posture was okay, moving around and keeping my mind busy so I didn't focus too much on the pain. Did those techniques work? No, of course not! you all cry nodding sagely (and wisely) as you do so. Did I go home from work early? No of course not - I'm a typical Taurean and stubborn!

Tomorrow it's due to get even colder. If my OA is flaring like this already this doesn't bode well for when the weather gets even worse.

Ah well, such is life. I'll plod on as I usually do and, as usual, I'll count my blessings as there are a lot of people much worse off than myself.

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    Haha, another Taurean, stubborn and bullish! I'm sure someone will say something good about us at some time, please! Likewise with arther, despite my denials of the outside temperature it does get to me.

    Only another six months to the good weather and some relief.1
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    Felt it today as well.
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    I'm really sorry, Grace, and I hope it gets better, not worse. Up here, despite waking to a hard frost on Sunday, it's still quite mild during the day. Long may it last.
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    Personally having had a lousy summer things are continuing with a lousy autumn and winter: when things are always lousy it does make life easier because you always know where you are.

    I feel for those with only OA, you've all had some respite with the long, hot summer but now the arthritic pigeons are flying home to roost. Airwave! had a grumble earlier too, it must be awful when 'normal' service resumes. :( DD
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    Thanks for the very kind replies. I'm still bad today but have coped better. Whether it's because the higher regime of meds is kicking in or I'm getting used to the pain levels who knows?

    DD - I wish I'd had a respite during the summer. Sadly my pain diminishes by about 25% in the summer when it's dry, but that's replaced by very swollen knees due to inflammation from the heat. As I can't take anti-inflammatory meds, my only way forward with that is elevation and ice packs. Mind you, the ice packs were rather refreshing when it was extremely hot. :D

    Ah well, back to the sofa and my heat pad now.

    Keep smiling everyone!

    Take care,
    Turn a negative into a positive!
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