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Good afternoon

I have suffered with Sero-Negative RA for the last seven years.

Recently my painkillers just don't seem to work - might as well eat smarties. I'm on Co-codamol 30/500. I work full time and live alone with my 9yr old Daughter.

Does anyone have any recommendations for pain relief that doesn't 'fog' up your brain but makes life a little more bearable. I'm constantly knackered too.

Ideas my fellow achy ones??? TIA x


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    Hi Redbinz
    Welcome to the forum you are definitely among friends here we all acknowledge our arthritis and give friendly advice. Sorry you are in so much pain it must be very tiring for you. Everyone on the forum has Arthritis in some form or another and are here to listen and helpful comments.
    The most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat so just choose a forum and get started.
    All the best from everyone on the moderators team
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    Hello, it's nice to see you and I am sorry you have had to find us. Pain relief is not all it's cracked up to be is it? It's OK for lightweight, temporary stuff like headache or toothache but for those who are doing pain properly it doesn't do much. Whatever the strength all that happens is the dulling of the sharper edges, the really strong stuff dulls so much of the edges that it becomes very hard to function: I decided years ago I would rather be in pain and alert than not in so much pain and incapable of completing a sentence. I can't help much because I am deliberately childless and older than you but I recall all too well having to work and run a home. Now it's just the latter and the changes I have made help me to do that.

    I began with my auto-immune arthritis back in 1997 when I was 37, I am now 59 and have OA as well so pain is constant. The two advantages I have are I am female (we have fewer pain receptors than males) and I am retired, I managed to work for seventeen years but even then I was fortunate in that I was self-employed. I manage the pain with four 30/500 co-cos per day, if things worsen (which they do with the OA and winter weather) I can supplement that with paracetamol. It's all still there, twanging away, but it always will be, I found life became much easier pain-wise when it was so widespread there was no respite, when it was in one - four joints it stood out far more. I also use the distraction of activity to divert my mind from it, I do a little bit then rest a little bit (I'm here now because I've just done some housework and needed a breather).

    I've been doing my Florence Nightingale bit this week as my husband has had a stomach bug (he smells of Dettol spray). The extra work load means I am tired so I'm off now: I may be back later. DD
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    Thank you DD and hope Hubby feeling better.

    I do find that work doesn't really understand so it is a struggle most days. My RA is in my hands and ankles and on Methotrexate 22.5 via injection now as the tablets made me ill.

    Well at least it's Friday and after a long week - large glass of red wine will be calling my name at 6pm.

    Michelle xx
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    People regard illness as something temporary because it usually is. For those in good health it is a difficult concept that someone can have a disease that won't be going away despite taking medication as that goes against the grain of modern thinking. I've had people tell me that because cancer can be cured so can arthritis - usually they've had neither. :roll: Arthritis is a tricky one because sometimes, in the good days, we can appear to be perfectly well but still in pain. Employers need reliable employees, we might be good at what we do but our reliability is anything but. My husband had a secretary with psoriatic arthritis (I do too) and she was able to work from home on her bad days - could that be an option for you?

    I also take injected meth. This is used to support the anti-TNF I take, humira, and together they have brought things under control. When did you have your last message review with your rheumatologist? It could be that something else needs to be added to the mix, I have always taken at least two medications so for me that is the norm.

    He is feeling better, thank you. I'm not. :lol: DD
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    Hi Redbinz and a welcome from me to the Versus Arthritis forums.

    You may find some of the "self help" tips on managing pain from our website useful to you:

    On this page, skip down to the "Self Help" section where you will see a set of buttons:

    - tips, - exercise, - joint protection, - relaxation etc.

    Being in constant pain is exhausting and getting good rest and relaxation is a vital component for managing your symptoms.

    If you need to talk to someone in confidence, you can also chat to our free Helplines on 0800 5200 520 Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm

    Do come back and tell us how you are getting on.

    All best wishes
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    I am a neebie as well :D

    I was taking dehydrocodine sometimes with paracetemol and found this good pain relief but did not help with my headaches and like a lot of pain killers can also be adictive! I found these better pain relief that co-cods. Tramadol didn't do much for me either but I know someone who says they are the only ones that work for them.

    Hope you get something that works for you soon.
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    Hello Redbinz
    Welcome to the forum ..I agree with ohnnyk32uk, different pain meds help different people ..I had to come off the antiinflams they realty did help but the side effects are not good..I now take pregablin for nerve pain, butec pain patches for the rest, and top up with cocodamols..have you even been seen bu a pain clinic, depending on were you live they can be very helpful with tweaking meds..and I have heard that red wine is good for you.. :D

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