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SanjaySanjay Member, NewlyRegistered Posts: 2
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Hi all

I’m posting for the first time on here after being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my hips and knees.

I’m wondering what vitamins people take and how well they work? Upon searching the web there seem to be so many different vitamins and I’m hoping someone can guide me in the right direction through their own experiences.

My pain is in my hips, knees, back and shins.

Thanks in advance and apologies if this topic has been discussed previously.



  • moderatormoderator Moderator Posts: 4,082
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    Hi Sanjay and welcome to the Versus Arthritis forums.

    I’m sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of hips and knees. If you need to ask anything about your condition or practical help then our members have (sadly) continuing firsthand experience.

    We get most of the vitamins we need by following a well balanced diet. Taking extra vitamins may be contraindicative in some instances. It is well worth reading up about the subject before diving in and spending money that may well be wasted as you don’t need them..

    Do take a look at our website section on Diet and Arthritis, which has an informative section on vitamins and minerals:


    Do come back and tell us what you decide to do.

    Best wishes
  • daffy2daffy2 Member Posts: 1,713
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    Hi Sanjay
    Bryn has given good advice and the link he gives will give you more info. The one thing I personally would suggest you consider is VitD3(just as is, not with calcium), which is now 'officially' recommended as a winter supplement, as low levels can cause muscle pains, which you don't need when you've already got OA!
  • dreamdaisydreamdaisy Member Posts: 31,567
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    Before I knew what was wrong with me I tried the vitamins, supplements and I even went to a homeopath. Needless to say all of that achieved nothing, the disease progressed regardless because for many people who actually have the disease that is how it is. I take a vitamin D supplement with added calcium throughout the winter months to help strengthen my bones. Dunno if they do, dunno if they don't but one of the benefits of having an auto-immune arthritis is the regular blood tests which soon highlight any troubles.

    I've been arthritic for twenty-two years now, I began when I was 37. Over that time I have met many people who swear by their supplements but, interestingly, none of them have arthritis. I guess it makes them feel good to boast and to tell me what I could and should be doing to help myself but they are inexperienced. The auto-immune arthritis led to the development of osteoarthritis so I am doubly blessed.

    Try them, they won't do any harm if taken within the guidelines and the placebo effect is of great value. I wish you well. DD
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  • stickywicketstickywicket Member Posts: 26,005
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    Hi Sanjay.

    You might find this useful https://tinyurl.com/ya4p3fhh .
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