Why hasn't my steroid injection worked?

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Hello, I'm new here!

I had a steroid injection (general 120mg I think) on Wednesday but still in a lot of pain and still have visible inflammation. The last one I had (2 years ago) worked wonders for me quickly but this time it's almost as if I haven't even had it. I don't understand why this would be.

Can anyone enlighten me?


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    Hello and welcome. I'm not one of the helpline team, just one of the forum members. The problem of steroid injections working/not working crops up a lot on the forum, as you'll see if you read through the Living with Arthritis board. Hit and miss or luck of the draw seems to sum them up! They work for some people and not for others, they might work once or twice and then not again. Even if they do work they are not a long term option as the number allowed for any one site is limited.
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    Hello and welcome Crazycatlady007 to Versus Arthritis Forum

    I'm not the Helpline Team, I'm John one of our moderating team. I've searched steroid injection and found a link that may be of help to you:


    Please feel free to phone the Helpline Team if any other help is required, the number is at the head of the page.

    Good luck and enjoy the forum.

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    Hello, I am just a forum member. Steroid injections are the true divas of the medical world, sometimes they do a star turn, other times they don't turn up.
    Over my many arthritic years I have had a number of steroid injections either into my backside or knee joints. Only one worked in that it made life considerably easier for three months then it didn't any more, their major drawback is that when they work they are lovely and we are able to forget we have a problem . . . . I wish you well. DD
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    Hello Crazycatlady007

    Many thanks for your post, and I’m sorry to hear that you are still in a lot of pain. It looks as if you’ve had some helpful responses, with John having given you the link to steroid injections.

    If at any point you would like to talk things through please give us a ring on our helpline 0800 520 0520 (9am -8pm weekdays).

    Best wishes
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    Thank you everyone, still not feeling any better. I wonder if it makes a difference wear she did the injection? I believe it is supposed to be in the upper right quarter of the buttock but I feel the HCA put it too high. It is more lower back, in line with my hip near the side of my body. Quite a way off my buttock.

    My GP won't give give me pred as the consultant hasn't written to him yet with the dose of my injection. I am waiting for the Rheumatoid team to call me back now. I am not keen go on prednisone as I get the round face, weight gain, get shaky if I don't eat etc.