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Hi totally new to this anyway have just been diagnosed with arthritis in my ankle after six months of alot of pain and being misdiagnosed twice an xray later they have confirmed it's arthritis its a bit of a shock as my whole life if on my feet work walking my dogs ect I really need some advice on best shoes to wear (on my feet for 9hours plus at work) ankle surports pain control ect as don't know where to start also is physio worth a go? Any advice would be gratefully recieved as at a bit of a loss thanks


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    Hello Sarah1967

    Welcome to the forums from the moderating team. I am very sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis of arthritis in your ankle understandably it is a shock. Absolutely you should ask your GP to refer you for physiotherapy unless you are able to self-refer in your area.

    The subject of shoes and footwear in general does come up a fair amount. I have dug out the links to a few previous threads discussing this subject:




    I hope this gives you something to start with until one of the members comes along with their own experience and/or advice.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Sarah and welcome.

    My RA started in my hands and quickly moved on to ankles too. That was many years ago and now I can only wear surgical shoes but I do remember the years when I could wear anything. Basically, shoes need to be strong and supportive. Probably not too heavy. Lace ups are best for support but velcro is a good second. Trainers usually fit into these categories.

    Supports are a tricky issue. They're very useful to get us through something difficult but, precisely because they offer support, they encourage our muscles to stop working so well. (Why should they when the support is doing their job?) We need strong muscles as they support our joints and so our joints hurt less and deteriorate more slowly.

    This is precisely why physio is so vital too. If you can get an appointment that would be good but there are also some good exercises given on this site. Just click on the 'Living with Arthritis on the grey bar near the top and scroll down to the section on 'Exercise'.

    If you can, try to sit down whenever possible to give your ankles a rest. Even if they feel OK at the time. And see if there's any way of making your work easier and don't be afraid to ask.

    Don't be afraid to ask here either if there's anything we can help with. Good luck!
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    I have RA and osteo arthritis, including in my feet and ankles. I was referred to the orthotics department who gave me orthotics to fit into my shoes, as Sticky says, shoes need to be well fitted and supportive- some find good quality trainers are good. The orthotist also gave me an ankle support, but only to be worn occasionally when things are at their worst-I wear it on bad days when walking the dog, but take it off when I get home and can rest the ankle. It may be worth asking for a physio/orthotics referral for advice.

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    You may be asking a lot of uourself to be on your feet for nine hours and even if you can you'll feel it lhater on, an adjydrement to your life may be needed?

    Good luck.