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Hello again

I posted in August, having been advised that it would be a year's wait before my THR in Exeter. This is my second THR, my left hip was replaced three years ago when we lived in Surrey. At that time, I was referred under the 'Choose and Book' system, whereby you are able to choose the location for your surgery and therefore the shortest waiting time. I only waited around 14 weeks last time.
I discovered that a similar system is available in the West Country too. This is accessed via the NHS website and in Devon, is called the Referral Support Service. I contacted them and as I had been quoted a waiting time of longer than 18 weeks I was offered a consultant appointment and subsequent surgery at the Nuffield Hospital in Taunton. Other options would have been an NHS facility in Bridgwater or one in Plymouth. Taunton is nearest to us.
I am pleased to say that my surgery was carried out on 13 November, following my referral in August. I feel very lucky to have had my treatment on the NHS in a private hospital. My understanding is that this option is available to patients who do not have any co-existing conditions and are relatively young and fit (though I am in my sixth decade lol). I wouldnt want to get anyone's hopes up unnecessarily but if you are struggling and on a long list, it is worth having a good look at the NHS Choices that are available. GPs are not always up to speed with the referral process. The Local CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) can advise whether this provision is available in your area. I hope this helps.
My new hip is settling in well, the exercises are as tedious (but important of course) as last time and now that I am four weeks post op, I am champing at the bit to do more. Definitely more post op pain this time, I don't know why, and my recovery was slowed by a UTI at the start, but overall I am doing well. Regards to all and if anyone has any specific questions, do please ask. t120005


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    A good suggestion there, newhipandy. I'm pleased all is going well for you and thanks for thinking of others.
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    Thanks for posting this NewhipAndy and drawing attention to this accelerated booking service.

    Just to add, my brother in Chester has just had both hips replaced in similar circumstances, having previously been put off having any surgery by a different doctor in the past. His first op was in September, with the second being replaced just 3 weeks ago.

    He’s doing very well, having had 2nd hip replaced just 8 weeks after the first one :D

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    Hi Andy. Glad to read you had a positive experience in a private hospital as my husband is booked in for surgery in early March in a local private facility. We’ve read all the standard information but I wondered if you have any tips for newbies? You know, things you wish you had known/bought/done earlier?