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Plz recommend me any books that you read that helped you


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    The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. Marvellous for life in general rather than specifically arthritis.
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    DD is right in my view. The books that help us live with arthritis are the ones that take us right away from it.

    Which is why, without wishing to take anything away from Kahlil Gibran's excellent 'The Prophet', most of those that spring to my own mind are funny ones – The 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue' compilation, Barry Cryer's autobiography, anything by Alan Bennett or Victoria Wood.

    Anything that claims to help or, worse, 'cure' 'arthritis' and doesn't even distinguish between OA and the autoimmune types isn't even worth checking out. I cope with arthritis by laughing a lot and not taking the arthritis itself too seriously.
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    I agree, it's better to laugh
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    Idk but mby Harry potter lol :D