Surviving shoulder replacement surgery

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Hi! New here. Is there anyone here who’s had a total shoulder replacement and would like to share their experiences (good and bad) with be please? Thank you 😊


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    Hi Redracer and welcome to the forums.

    I’ve had a look back at past threads on shoulder replacement byusing this as a search on the forums:

    I found quite a few posts about people awaiting surgery, plus a number saying it been successful, but none detailing their experiences :(

    We do have an information booklet that you can download from our website that you may find useful:

    It would be very helpful, after it’s all over, if you could come back to us and relate your experience. Yours is not the first request on this and you could really help others :D

    And... I bet someone now comes on and gives us the personal account that we are asking for :lol:

    Best wishes
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    Hi! Yes I’ll get back to you! My surgery is on Monday! There is very little information about shoulder surgery so I’ll add my experiences......
    I haven’t seen the information on the link you gave me so I’ll have a read.
    Thank you for replying
    From a Versus Arthritis campaigner! 😊
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    I know there is a member on here whose daughter had a shoulder replacement - this was necessitated by treatment for leukaemia. She has made a full recovery and the leukaemia remains in remission. I think it is one of the more unusual procedures on here and, as is often the case, people whose surgery has been successful don't post: I hope all goes well for you and please keep in touch. DD
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    Hello Redracer.

    I imagine that, by now, you have had your operation and I hope are over the most painful phase.

    I had surgery in October 2017 to repair a badly fractured head of humerus and, unfortunately, my OA has responded to the metalwork used by throwing out bone nodules/spurs that are impinging on the joint. Consequently I am now waiting to have a 'reverse shoulder replacement' - a variation of the total joint replacement that implants a 'ball' into the glenoid and a 'socket' into the top of the humerus.

    I know someone who had the same operation a year ago and who is very pleased with the outcome so I hope you, too, make a good recovery from whichever version of total replacement you have, although I do know that patience is needed in the first weeks. (I'm quite prepared for another couple of months sleeping in my wonderful reclining chair rather than even attempting to get comfortable in bed and my husband will be called into action for helping with dressing etc for the first few weeks!)

    When you are able to do so it would be good if you could post on the 'living with arthritis' forum as I, and I am sure others, would find your experience really helpful.

    With best wishes - Crinkly1