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Hi all,

It’s been a while — just muddling along trying to stay fit and not let Arthur beat me or wear me down.

For the past month or so I’ve started noticing an occasional click/crack in my neck when I either turn my head or look up — it’s happening around ten times a day, more or less. Sometimes it’s that loud that even my wife hears it.

In the last week I’ve noticed a couple of times that there’s a little resistance just before the crack, my neck’s not painful, but I am a little concerned that Arthur wants these joints too. Btw I’m not referring to crepitus of the neck, I know I have that lol.

Does or has anyone experienced anything similar?

Thank you in advance


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    Hi, yes my neck does that. But then again I've got confirmed OA in C2-C6, with partially prolapsed disc C5-6 and a narrowed spinal cord gap at that point.

    An x-ray or MRI will confirm what's going on for you. I'd talk to your GP - see what s/he reckons.

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    Mine isn’t my neck but since I have a flare up I’ve noticed my shoulder clicks all the time now. I haven’t had any issues with my shoulder before and no pain. I’ve put it down to over compensating.

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    Sorry, scozzie, I can't help. My neck virtually doesn't move at all so, even if it once did this, it has been lost in the mists of time. In your situation I'd bring it up next time I saw a doc - sooner if it gets worse. Best of luck.
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    I've had a word with my deceased father and asked him to leave your neck alone.

    Mine clicks, grates and creaks but why I have not one clue. I'll be sixty next year, it could be that, it could be to do with arthritis but as that tends to hurt (and it doesn't) I doubt it's that. If you're in pain make the medicos aware, an X-ray might shed some light on the matter. DD
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    How are things going now? I hope life is as comfortable as it can be, all things considered. DD
  • scozzie
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    Thanks folks, things are fine at the moment with my neck, it might be some movements at work that aggregate most as it’s not been so noticeable since Friday (when our Christmas break started lol) ... but when I do notice it it’s a bit like your knee locking momentarily before the release — unlike a knee locking though, I don’t have to worry about falling. I’m going to make an appointment with my GP for the new year.

    Merry Christmas all