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Feeling quite amazing today, after finally being diagnosed with PsA and having received a steroid injection on Friday. I've gone from waking the the night, curled up in a feotal position in agony and shuffling around like an old woman, to aching a bit and getting out of bed like a normal 52 year old!
I hadn't realised quite how down I'd become over the last few months and everyone that sees me has noticed a huge difference.
I realise now that my various symptoms over many years have probably been related to this, but never picked up by any of the doctors or specialists that I have seen until now.
Started treatment immediately as I didn't want to wait for scans, so will see what happens with the methotrexate.
Never thought I would feel so relieved by a diagnosis of arthritis, but I feel so relieved that I finally know what is wrong with me.


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    Hello and welcome evesy to Versus Arthritis forum

    Sorry to read you have been going through it both in pain and in search for a diagnosis, finally, you have some resolve of which you are feeling positive about.

    The forum is a nice and friendly place to be, people with various of the forms arthritis with whom you will find most helpful and supportive.

    Enjoy the forum.

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    I am so pleased the steroid injection has worked for you, they can either do nothing, last for a few days or ease off after a couple of months but what they do not do is tackle the root cause of the trouble.

    I have PsA, I began back in 1997 and was accurately diagnosed in 2006 (which made not one jot of difference to what was going on). I take injected methotrexate weekly and injected humira (fortnightly), the disease is under control and that has to be enough to please. I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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