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I started taking methotrexate 4 days ago but today I feel sick and have had upset tummy . Is this normal ???

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    Certainly some folk have digestive upset with methotrexate. I stopped because of it. It takes your body a while to get used to it and it may settle in time. It sometimes helps to take it after a meal, and increasing folic acid on prescription from the rheumatologist can help. Maybe ring your rheumatology nurse for advice? Injecting methotrexate can be easier on the stomach than in tablet form too.

    Hope it settles soon.

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    On such little information who knows? It could be the meth, it could be a bug. What dose did you take and at what time of day? Did you take it with or without food? Have you been prescribed folic acid? Do you know of anyone you have recently seen who has an upset stomach? I know you know all of this but we don't.

    Tablet meth did not make me nauseous but a different drug (alendronic acid) did. That had to be taken first thing on an empty stomach and, after a couple of hours, the rest of the day was icky. I used to drink proper Coke, that helped with the nausea. Now on the occasional post-meth days when I feel nauseous with tiredness (I inject with another med) Coke remains the answer. DD
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    It's so hard to say. I guess the answer is Yes, for some people.

    I've taken meth for years with no side effects worth mentioning. The folic acid, which I presume you were given, is to help mitigate against side effects and the dose can be adjusted accordingly with the say so of your rheumatology team. Also, as I think DD mentioned, taking it with food should help and some people take it at night so as to 'sleep off' the worst of any nausea.

    But, as she also said, you might just have a tummy bug. Alas, we are not immune from ordinary ailments just because we have one big one.
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    Hello, how are you feeling now? I hope things are improved. DD