Update with my back and KyphoScoliosis

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Hello all.

Not sure whether you remember me but it has been some time since i last posted on this forum. I havn't forgotten this forum and the help i greatfully had while being on it at the time. Im just giving you an update since i last posted.
Since i last posted i have seen 2 other specialists the first one i saw sent me for another MRI scan and Dexa Scan on my bones. He told me i wouldn't have to wait long for the results, 3 weeks went by and something unfortunate happened to me. The night before i drank 6 or 7 beers, the following day i woke up and felt very sick and was actualy sick a few hours after. While i was being sick my back cracked, i quickly sat down on the side of our bath next to the toilet in agony. I called for some help because i was having trouble standing up but did manage to move to my bedroom to my bed in the end, my mother and father helped me and called 111 i think i cant really remember and they managed to get me into hospital for a check up. Fortunately though it wasn't to bad and i was able to move and walk but still in pain. After a good check up they gave me the all clear an handed me some painkillers to take for the pain. The doctor who was checking me over at the time was a nice lady doctor who contacted the specialist i was under and explained what happened. A few days later i was contacted by my local doctor and told to see her on the day, when i went to see her she told me i had Osteoperosis in my lower and neck part of my spine aswell as my right hip. She also explained that i had a number of multiple vertebral collapse fractures in the thoracic spine and was put on Alendronic Acid tablets 75mg and Calcium and Vitamin D Cheweble Tablets. Since then which was back in late November i have seen another specialist who explained that there was very little if any imflamation in my back. After he gave me a examination on back he then left the room and came in with yet another specialist a lady doctor who said that she required an Xray of my spine and some further blood tests i have yet to hear off them about those results 4 weeks have more or less gone by since and still waiting. It will probrably be after new year when i hear anything, if i dont get to post any more news until after new year I wish you all a Pleasent Christmas and New Year :D t7304


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    That's quite a story. At least things are happening medically and I hope, at the end of it all, they and you will have a better understanding of what's going on and how to deal with it.

    Thanks for the update. I hope you'll hear something before Christmas but, if not, soon after. Please keep us in the loop. christmas05
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    Hi Landgull36uk

    I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis of OP. I was diagnosed with the same some years ago because of a substantial loss of height and I also have scoliosis.

    I joined the Healthunlocked OP forum and here is the link in case you should care to visit it/join. https://healthunlocked.com/bonehealth

    I have learned such a lot from this forum about OP and the medications on offer. Obviously we are all different and what suits one person does not help another but it is good to read what others say and have experienced and to file some of it away. There is also the OP helpline which many have used and found of great benefit. 0808 800 0035 - free from all UK landlines, mobiles.

    I started taking quite a few supplements like boron, K2 magnesium. Weight bearing exercise is also of great benefit if you can manage it. I walk regularly each day and use a pedometer to keep an eye on how many steps I achieve daily.

    I have had two total knee replacements and one revision, a spinal op (neck end) and a total shoulder replacement and am now two months post op from a revision total shoulder replacement.

    I wish you well. t7304