Seasons greetings

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Hi everyone, merry Xmas.

I am a 45yr old Wife, Mum & Practice Nurse. Was diagnosed with reactive arthritis inSep 2017. This was as a result of an insect bite 3yrs ago! How rude!!

My main issue is hip pain but as you know that soon spreads to neck, shoulders, wrists, fingers! 🥴
I have been on sulfansalazine, hydroxychloraquine, MTX tablets then MTX injections, they all made me so unwell with side effects so in March I came off them all.

I’m mid flare up and have been struggling for few months so Rheumy want me to try low dose MTX again. I’m 2 wks into metojet 7.5mg with 6days folic acid per week. I don’t feel as rubbish on the low dose (was on 20mg historically).

So that’s me, I’m going to look through the forum for medication side effects now.



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    As you a probably aware (but equally, perhaps not) the British National Formulary is available online in association with the National Institute for Clinical Excellence ('NICE').

    The NHS Choices website is also a valuable resource IMHO.

    Ultimately, as the proof of the Christmas pudding is in the eating, anecdotal evidence can be priceless (if somewhat subjective) as it can take some time for reports to be published in the BNF.

    Season's Greetings.

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    Hello again, I thought I recognised the name. I am so sorry your arthritis has seen fit to reappear, one of the odd benefits of not having reactive is that I always know where I am, the Sword of Damocles having dropped twenty years ago. :lol:

    There is a chance the meth will work second time around, has anyone suggested splitting the dose? Alternative DMARDs are leflunomide and cyclosporine (I've had both with no success). What topic acid dose were you taking? Reactive is a tricky one as it does burn itself out but is obviously happy to return at inconvenient times. Please let us know how you get on. DD
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