MRI appointment

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I got the appointment letter this morning its for an mri on my sternum on the 10 january,its still swollen at the top and bottom it doesn't hurt unless its pressed I just hope that this pesky cough has gone by then it does seem to be lingering,I don't think I have an infection as mucus is clear its just so annoying.


  • mig
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    Well my cough has finally gone but hubby is coughing now.
    Its a week to go till my MRI on sternum which is still swollen at the top and bottom I will be asking for pocket duties on the day. Mig
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    And you'll have them gladly, mig. So sorry I didn't reply to your last post. I plead a life full of guests and vegetables to be peeled. Not to mention incipient senility. (But you knew that :wink: ) Good luck with it all and try to stay away from Mr mig. Give him a new box of tissues and shove him in the spare room if necessary.
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    The winter coughs of 2018/19 seem hang on, they are most reluctant to be shifted. I am pleased you are finally clear of it and I hope the MRI sheds light on why your sternum is behaving like this. Please let us know how you get on. DD
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    My life has taken a turn, no coughs, no coldsm, no flu, no constipation, no clue! Can't say the same for arther but what a change.

    I think that little sunbeam is shining on me?