Nodules with sero neg RA?

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Can you get nodules if you are sero-negative RA? Everything I have read says you don't. And that nodules suggest advanced RA and almost always associate with a positive rheumatoid factor. I have never had nodules. But last night I found a lump between pea and grape size on my foot about an inch down from my lowest big toe joint. It wasn't there a couple of days ago. So it's not on the joint, but below. It's firm, but can move around a tiny bit.
Are there any other things that look like RA nodules?

I was told I may have sero-neg. RA. I also have osteoarthritis in my toes.


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    We are not doctors so cannot diagnose. I have a a pea-sized lump on the palm of my hand which is fluid, it can be drained but I was told it's nothing to do with my PsA (a sero-negative kind). I don't care whether it is or isn't, it doesn't hurt and doesn't interfere with life.

    I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and thank you for remembering us at this festive time! DD

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    Speaking as one who has sero-positive RA and the owner of several nodules past and might be, It sounds like it could be but only a rheumatologist can tell for sure. One important thing though - I've only ever got nodules when my RA was not well-controlled. It might be a sign that you need your meds tweaking. So, back to the rheumatologist, I think.

    On the plus side - they don't hurt at all and sometimes disappear. I'm hoping the one on a left knuckle stays as it's very useful for switching off the light in the utility room :wink: