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This is about Kenny's life since conditions started at the age of 14!

I was 14 when my right knee started giving away in school & took me to hospital, they did not know what was wrong so stuck me in plaster cast from my hip to my ankle, after 3 months they removed it & told my I had oscoslaters disease (lack of cartilage tissue), at the age of 19 I saw a rheumatologist & he operated on my knee & discovered that I had osteoarthritis, a year later my hips started then my left knee, they sent me for physiotherapy & gave me pain killers. I also started with asthma so started on inhalers which helped control it.

When I was 27 in 1993 I woke up unable to move from my neck down so my ex-partner called out my doctor he said the osteoarthritis had hit my spine & sent me immobilised so gave me some anti-inflammatory tablets and with in 4 hours was able to move & start walking again, but had to give up my job as head waiter of a hotel in Oldham, I was able to claim benefits & disability living allowance (now called PIP) & got the higher rate care & motablety.

1994 I had a major stroke & took 8 months to recover I was unable to move my left side & has slurred speech also for a few days was blind.

In 1997 I started my own business designing & printing business stationery for small businesses & was driving from Morecambe to Lancaster, Preston, Blackpool, Oldham & Manchester, but in November 1997 had another major stroke which took 13 months to recover from so ended back on benefits.

I started suffering from severe depression disorder in 1998 saw a psycritis and stress councillor eventually medication helped me.

I had a bad fall in 1999 using my wheelchair going up a steep drop kerb I fractured my centre & lower vertebra’s & spent 3 years needing a lot of care unable to walk mostly bedridden.

From 1998 - 2012 I had a lot of strokes, light strokes & TIA’s in & out of hospital, as they discovered that I had a stroke related condition.
In 2001 I moved back to Oldham to be near my friends.

2009 became paralysed from the chest down, spent 4 weeks in hospital, 3 months later got feeling of upper body but legs remained paralysed for a further 15 months, still to this day did not find out why.

Had a heart attack in 2014 discovered I had Super Ventricular Tachycardia condition recovered after a couple of weeks.

Started with prostate problems in 2016 on medication to help.

Physiotherapist diagnosed me as having nerve damage in upper spine, waiting for MRI then appointment with Neurologist, this is caused through thinning of the discs in my spine causing the vertebra to rub together & get worn pressing onto my nerves, it causes pain & weakness in upper body.

So after all this I have mental health issues through all that my body has been through.

Still with all that I have had & got I still managed for 5 years ran 6 disabled organisations till I had my 2nd major stroke, and last June I set up Oldham Disabled People & Elderly Support Group & setting up Oldham Versus Arthritis group, just waiting to find the right accessible venure.


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    Hi Kenny,

    Wow, what a story, I’m glad you chose to share it. It sounds like you could be helping versusArthritis to set up a tried and tested plan to help other volunteers set up help groups near where they live.

    This a very exiting year for us, the merge of Arthritis Care and Arthritis Research has just taken place and that’s generated lots of interest, some clever people are running 3 websites at the moment while everything is transferred onto a versus Arthritis site and then we have been promised a new forum - some of us have been waiting a long time. I’ve just put on the list an area where local groups can have their own space to attract members and advertise events.

    I have autoimmune conditions Raynauds and Sjogrens and osteoarthritis- it’s almost the anniversary of my new knee, which has been excellent and OA in most other joints too, I enjoy helping on the forum, have lots of friends on here, including some I’ve met in real life!

    Take care

    Yvonne x
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    Hi Kenny,

    Well, you've certainly worked your way through half the medical dictionary there :lol: But you clearly haven't let it get in the way of living a valuable, productive life so well done you!

    The mention of Osgood-Schlatters brought back memories. My elder son, a keen sportsman, virtually lost a whole cricket season to it when he was in his early teens. Luckily, all he has to remind him now is a big bony bump just under his knee. And he is still a fast bowler :D I don't think Osgood-Schlatters is to do with lack of cartilage though. Have a read https://tinyurl.com/y9ruvxyp .

    Please join in anywhere you like on these forums. It's always good to have helpful newbies on board :D
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    WOW! You are certainly an inspiration Kenny. I hope you achieve all your dreams. Something tells me you will. :D

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    Hi everyone, I apologise for the delay, I have been both bad in health & busy setting up support groups including Oldham Versus Arthritis Group 2 months ago we had our first meeting.
    Also because of all the strokes I have had I have a memory problem so forgot that I posted this message.

    I am bad in health but managing to carry on day to day life with help from my carers, I finally found a new full time carer just waiting to find a carer for the weekends as have an care agency covering the carers shifts, I have been waiting over 8 months for new carers.

    I hope you all are well & coping with you arthritis & the problems we face on a day to day basis.

    I have tried to reply to each of you but having problems posting the reply only letting me save for some reason, take care Kenny.
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    Well done you! Many people, with far fewer problems than you, would just grumble that there was no branch near them. You have got on with things and set one up. Well done, indeed! t69044
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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    Blimey Kenny go you!! I hope the new VA group is a fabulous success!

    I also hope you find a really spot on weekend carer(s) soon

    Toni xx

    Toni xxx