Long term anti inflammatory use

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Firstly, Happy New Year to you all. Hope 2019 brings you good health and happiness.
I’ve always been slightly anaemic but my haemoglobin has been dropping quite rapidly and I was told to stop naproxen and await a gastroenterologist appointment as my rheumatologist suspected bleeding in my stomach or bowel. I’ve been on anti-inflammatory medication since 2009 but always with a stomach protector. Gastro confirmed it is likely a Naproxen-induced gut problem. I assumed a stomach protector like lansoprazole would reduce the risk. He explained it only protects the stomach and based on my symptoms, thinks the damage is probably in my small intestine. If it is, then I need to weigh up the pros and cons of the pain relief I get from naproxen vs the symptoms I get from being anaemic. I’m having an endoscopy on Thursday, and after that, I’ll know for sure if it’s my stomach or small intestine. On the plus side, I am getting an iron infusion after my endoscopy so I’ll hopefully feel a bit less like a zombie. I am curious if others were aware of the risks and/or if you’ve had a similar issue. Take care all, we only get one body.


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    Firstly, thank you for your good wishes and I hope 2019 proves to be a better one for you. I am not hoping for anything - that way I might be pleasantly surprised. :lol:

    I suppose it is common sense that other parts of the digestive system could be at risk with the long-term use of a drug such as naproxen, I am so sorry you find yourself in this quandary. I never found nap any good at reducing pain - isn't it typical that something that helps can ultimately harm? This damn disease, it takes and then it takes some more. :x I cannot recall if others have had issues but if so I hope they spot your post and reply. The only things I have been taking long-term are inhalers, it must be over forty years now; I have no idea if troubles are being stored up from them but it wouldn't surprise me if they are. DD