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My names Hannah, I’m 40 and I had a total knee replacement on the 10th October!!
Would love to hear from anyone going through the same things as I’m feeling a bit isolated.
Thanks 😘


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    Good Morning Hannahis40

    Welcome to the forums from the moderating team. Any problems you have using the forum do let us know.

    I am pleased to hear your TKR is done and quite understand your wish to hear about others’ recovery. I attach a couple of links to threads which you might find interesting while you wait for one of our members to come along:


    and this one which someone once called ‘the summer of the TKRs’!


    Best of luck with your recovery :)

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    Wow, that's young! I was refused new knees aged 52 on the grounds of youth so I can only wish you well. Take care of it and should last you twenty-plus years.

    I have two kinds of arthritis, an auto-immune and the damage that caused led to a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in 2011. I began when I was 37 and am now 59, shot to bits but happy with my lot nonetheless (I don't have the energy to be unhappy). I cannot help on the recovery front for replacement surgery but I have recovered from many operations and know it is a long, slow process, often painful at times. It takes years for our joints to get to replacement stage and it is common sense that a full recovery will take time too. The fitter one was before surgery has an impact on how recovery goes, if you are coming at it from a starting point of generally stronger leg muscles then that is an advantage. An acquaintance of mine in her 70s had a full knee replacement five years ago and has wasted thousands of pounds of NHS resources by not doing her post-op exercises, her joint has failed her and she moans more now than she did when it was the original. :lol:

    I hope you find the forum to be of interest, it's more usual on here to hear from those who have been refused or who don't understand why they are not offered a new joint straight after diagnosis: obviously your circumstances merited the operation and I hope it truly improves the quality of your life once the hard work of recovery is over. We all get it because we've all got it. DD
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    Hi Hannah. I hope it's all going well. I've had three knee replacements. (I started young with RA). How can we help?
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    Hello Hannah and a warm welcome form me..you will not feel isolated anymore having all of us to talk to, I do hope your knee op is going well..I have had bot hips replaced but not a knee ..yet..x