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Hi peeps. Never written on any posts have just been reading and watching so sorry for long winded post

I work in a school kitchen and in april while cleaning the tables I had the most horrendous pain shoot up my back that I cried out with it. Thankfully it was near the end of the day finished work and got home rang Drs was given painkillers and put on sick and am still on sick. Was given physio every week from them and after 4 months of no relief whatsoever went back the Drs sent for an mri thinking trapped nerve in bottom of my back went for results and Drs calmly says there's no trapped nerve you have arthritis went to ask where abouts and he say ask your physio shes trying ro show me on the screen but to me its just all black lol. Now being refered to a gym to get fitness help Still adjusting my medication as I am still in pain every day someday worse than others. Have been refered to an msk clinic so hopefully will see someone and get answers or maybe even suggestions for surgery.

Work stopped paying me ssp so had to apply for esa from the dss sent my forms away and with it sent a copy of the mri results the dr printed out for me Yesterday had my assesment making sure I was still entitled to it and the nurse said your making this claim cos the dr said you have arthritis yes correct then she says it also says on here you have spondylosis and a bulging disc. What are they doing for them total shock for me as the dr never mentioned these 2 things so hopefully my referral to the msk will give me answers and help me understand what is happening to me as I feel totally in limbo.

Sorry for the long post



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    Hi and welcome,it sounds like you need answers - people on here have a wide experience and I'm sure you will get someanswers,in the meantime take a look at
    it may help
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am sorry you have had to find us. I can understand you have had a shock, I recall how I felt when my osteoarthritis (OA) was diagnosed back in 2011, that came as a total surprise: I already had psoriatic arthritis and for some reason thought that one was enough. :lol:

    Spondylosis is one of the technical terms for OA of the spine, wherever one has a joint it can develop arthritis. A bulging disc is another common problem, many have that with or without arthritis. I visualise it as one of the discs in the spine sticking out to one side which is where it shouldn't be.

    I am many years ahead of you with arthritis and am very used to being in pain, to the point where, although it makes life harder, it is as it is and doesn't bother me. I keep my pain relief to the minimum so that leaves me room to maneouvre when things misbehave. I am now retired, when I worked I was self-employed which was a boon.

    I have had spells of physio, it does not stop the disease but it is essential to keep our muscles surrounding the joints as strong as possible to better support the joints. I go to the gym (admittedly not as often as I should) and do my physio exercises every day.

    I've not had a good day so will say goodbye for now. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben