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Hi there,

I have osteoarthiritis in knee hand and shoulder.
I take co codomol, lowest dose about 6 tablets each day.

I get worried when reading about danger of painkillers, not sure what to do as these tablets are what make the pain slightly more bearable.

I would use other more natural medications if I knew which ones to use.

The pain gets me depressed. Your guidance would be appreciated. t2507


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    HI , anyone with a long term illness will suffer from some kind of mild depression , talk to your GP about it & your arthritis

    co codomol is very low level of Codeine , I never had a problem on it or on the 30mg tablets , if ever worried about medicaltion talk to your GP
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    There are pkenty if non medical aays to help, esoecially if you're open minded enough and willing. Have a look through the pages, when you find the one that suits you it'll stay with you firever. Acceptance is a good start at the top of tge LWA topics.
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    Any use of painkillers involves some form of trade-off between the dangers/side-effects and whether they improve your quality of life. However, if your pain is making you depressed, and your current medication only makes things 'slightly more bearable', you should certainly go to your GP to discuss it. Should you still not want to up the meds, they might be able to refer you to a pain clinic, where they teach you strategies for coping with pain. Good luck!
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    Some of us use non-medication methods for our pain. Things like wheatbags (that you heat up in the microwave) some electronic methods like tens machines, some use cool-packs too.

    I know what you mean about painkillers and their addictive warnings, but in general if you are taking them as prescribed and keeping in touch with your GP things should be ok.

    Philo mentioned pain clinics too it might be an idea to ask your GP for a referral?

    best of luck

    Toni xx

    NB I went on one of the courses from here I think they are now called 'living well with Arthritis' and Workshops

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