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Hi and thankyou for the warm welcome in a different post. No different from many, I live with chronic pain with acute episodes. I have RA and joint degeneration. I have recently been prescribed slow release Morphine Sulfate. Has anyone here any experience of taking Morphine Sulfate? It seems a big step up. I’m on the usual methotrexate etc. Any advice gladly received.


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    Hi Peter1

    I'm sorry for the delay in replying to your post and especially because you've been dealing with more pain and would have wanted to hear some replies.

    When you post to us at the Helpline Team it's not quite the same thing as asking for the views of fellow Forum folk. Our role is support and information, but we aren't quite the right people to give you personal experiences of a particular situation, procedure, drug. For those kind of replies you might want to post your message on the Living with arthritis thread instead.

    I can speak to the webmanager and she may be able to move the post, but it might be quicker to post the question yourself.

    Here's some of our information about pain:

    And here's NHS information on morphine:

    If you would like to talk about what's going on, you'd be very welcome to ring us at the Helpline. We are here to listen and offer information and support.

    very best wishes and I hope you find this of some help

    Guy (Helpline team)
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    Hi Guy,
    Thankyou for your reply. I’ll repost in another part of the forum- so don’t worry about placing my post elsewhere.