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on saturday, while i was at work, the receptionist mentioned iwas walking funny...i quickly told her i have OA in my feet. she then told me her friends has RA and how everyone knows its the worst kind. to be fair i was pretty i being unfair? i,m not taking anything away from RA sufferers but i certainly dont agree. they all come in varying degrees surely? ( please forgive lack of punctuation but i,m giving the kitten a cuddle !!)


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    Hello Nanny,

    As you've recognised, comparisons are unhelpful and meaningless but I'm afraid we are all on the receiving end of other people's unfounded opinions and advice at times. It can be very irritating but there is no answer to such comments except to be grateful that someone has noticed your difficulties and to show concern for anyone else who is struggling.

    None of the many variations of arthritis is pleasant and everyone responds differently to symptoms and treatments so the big advantage of forums like this is that we all know the effects from personal experience. This means we can share the ups and downs knowing that no-one will belittle us or assume they have all the answers.

    We soon build basic knowledge of the main types of arthritis and I'm sure that most of us with OA are thankful that we don't have to contend with the more inflammatory conditions. To be so naïve as to state that any one is 'better' or 'worse' than another, though, means nothing.

    Maybe you could run a small fund-raising event for Versus Arthritis in your workplace and give out general information leaflets as a way of educating your colleagues?

    Meanwhile I do hope you soon find relief for your foot problems as everything you do must be affected, making life most uncomfortable.
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    People are unwitting and thoughtless. That person knows nothing about arthritis and is blissfully unaware of her ignorance. Having a creaky foot in both camps I can honestly say that of the two I prefer my OA because it is more honest in how it presents and it does not make my whole body feel dreadful but that does not diminish the pain it causes or the effect it has on my life.

    We have to educate, broaden awareness of the disease and the effect it has on life. People think they know what arthritis is viz. it comes in two kinds and only old people have it. We are in the unfortunate position of knowing different and we should take the opportunity to inform. My neighbour had a hip replacement and it changed her life, she told me to do the same and was amazed to learn that I had arthritis elsewhere too: her experience was limited to one joint and she thought that applied to others. Sometimes even those in the know don't know because they don't see the need to know. DD
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    yes you are both correct. I suppose if we dont know we dont understand. I like to ask people questions on their complaints and illnesses, but only if they are happy for me to ask, so i can learn a little something about what they have. I think people appreciate that.

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