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Hello everyone.

My name's actually Stuart, though I chose a dumb user name - your choice to use Stuart or Gaz; I'll answer to both. I have hip and knee arthritis in my right leg.

I managed to survive to retirement without too many problems, but these days I need a stick to get around outside. I can still drive. My consultant showed me an x-ray with my upper leg bone resting firmly on my hip bone without any tissue in the way, but we didn't feel that I needed a new hip - yet.

It's more inconvenient than painful, though little personal things like cutting toenails get increasingly hard. I bought a snazzy little gadget that helps me put socks on. That right foot seems to be getting further away...

Major resolutions this year - lose weight / hit the gym / get some flexibility back - (not necessarily in that order).

My one current regret - I used to be an active photographer, but you need to be able to walk around, be fairly flexible and carry lots of gear. I still have some gear, but no current ability to use it.

My family is supportive, though I increasingly feel like the world is zipping past me while I stomp slowly towards the next stop. I'm hoping to find some help and support here - and maybe get some practical tips from others in the same state!


Gaz (Stuart)


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    Hello, my days of having arthritis in just two places are long gone so I am not sure what kind of help I can give. I began with the first, psoriatic, back in 1997 and then osteoarthritis was diagnosed in 2011: some joints have one, some the other and others both. The disease does not define me but it sure as eggs is eggs diminishes my ability to do stuff with ease and without payback: now everything is an effort and the punishment for daring to have fun can be severe. :lol:

    If you want to carry on with your interest then you will find a way, my ABC of arthritis is adapt, believe and compromise. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Stuart. I love your attitude. A light-hearted (as possible) approach to arthritis will get you a long way.

    I was diagnosed with RA at 15 and OA set in later. Two hip replacements, three knee replacements (yup :lol: ) and several fused joints later, I can honestly say I've had a good life.

    I consider the art of arthritis is learning to prioritise, learning to enjoy being where you have to be and, in a difficult situation, make sure you learn from it.

    I do hope the photography link was of help.

    I feel another tip coming on :wink: - for everything you just have to give up, try to start something else which is a bit easier on the joints but which seems attractive.

    Good luck and fire away if you have questions.
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    Hi Stuart and welcome to the forum
    Like SW says you have a good attitude and it does help :) I have 2 new hips and a couple of other ops waiting..your consultant will weigh everything up including pain and quality of life..you will know when you are ready..its hard when you cant do the things you enjoy there will be other things that come along..but I am sure you will get back to your photography when or if you have a new hip..x