rock music for arthritis

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This is very important to me. Thank you maturecheese for your approval. Whenever i can, and at the present time, I find it better than anything else to just shut all the windows, clear things out of the way, switch on hi fi and listen to the music and than dance,
volume very loud, speakers NOT too near my ears, and not on the same level as my ears, my hearing is still good. I do not put anything in my ears, and certainly never use headphones! The experience is not the same. When i feel more relaxed, and my blood pressure has risen some (if you suffer from high blood pressure this form of exercise is not recommended) I forget the pain, the discomfort, any anxiety, depression lifts and goes away. It really works. I practise some classical ballet steps, and work every part of my body. I do not 'head bang' as such, just keep to hard rock/heavy metal's relentless rhythms, guitar riffs. I recommend the following bands AC/DC, Black Sabbath (Tony Martin vocals) The Cult, The Rolling Stones, Free, old jazz/blues, delta blues USA, Whitesnake etc. It's more 'jazz dancing'.
Great fun as well. If I feel I'm going lose my balance, that's when I stop.


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    It's nice to know there are others out there that appreciate rock music. I must disagree over the vocalist re Black Sabbath, I much prefer Ozzy and Dio but very much on board with Blues.

    I wish I had the ability to dance but alas since getting this Arthritis malarkey that's out the window (couldn't really before) but I can still blast it out in the car. :D