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Having settled into my new home and I'm starting to think about a holiday, well two in fact. I'd love to take my family to Disneyland Paris so any recommendations about companies to book with would be great...I have poor mobility so would need to either take my scooter with me or hire one there.

The other is more ambitious. I would love to visit Japan and do some kind of tour. I've started looking at tours and cruises, again any recommendations of companies or things to consider would be great, especially as I'd also be a solo traveller.
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    Wow! Very impressive, Slosh.

    Sorry, I can't help. I've been - reluctantly - to Disney at Anaheim while visiting family in LA but, of course, no travel agents were involved. It wasn't as bad as I feared :lol: but I wouldn't volunteer to go again. (Give me baseball any day :D ) The one thing I took out of it was how vital it was to be in my wheelchair. All rides had a 'disabled' queue which meant priority boarding. We got the coveted front bit of the paddle steamer (Yes, the other 3-plus-a-titchy-one were allowed with me. And I sat in state, in the chair, on top of one boat ride with my lesser mortals below me. Kind of fun. Kind of odd. Thankfully my 9yr old agrees with me that Anaheim Angels (baseball) are better.
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    Yep, holidays are wonderful, we organise our own and stay away from the crowded areas preferring to move around under our own steam akthough being on foot for a while is now out. Lots of stoos for tea, coffee and beer spread the effort over tge day.

    I find deckaring that you are disabled brings odd responces, wheres tge wheelchair, the disabked oerson? It seeems that 'disabled' means totally disabked or nothing, try getting non disabled out of a train or bus seat on busy times or having hundreds push past you in a rush hour as you walk at your own pace.

    Try the Telegraph holidays, a good service, other brands available ;-))