Talonavicular joint osteoarthritis

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Does anyone else suffer from this or other subtalar/hind foot OA?

Mine was caused by another issue. I had the other issue removed with surgery which was designed to stop the OA getting worse. But there are times when it feels like it is worse.

I use ibuprofen pills and gels and need to do more physio on my calf muscles but the pain is overwhelming at times.

I am 34 so not looking forward to 50 more years and just hoping they invent a joint replacement or something in the future. Having my foot joints bolted together (triple arthrodesis) would help get rid of the pain but I can’t face such a major operation and recovery right now.


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    Hello Simn

    Welcome to our forum. Here you will find the members who use the forum are friendly, empathetic, helpful, knowledgeable and will offer you support. I am one of the moderation team and we all have one or more of the Arthritis "hangers" or care for family with the same.

    There are many on the forum who have osteoarthritis and may able to offer you some answers to your problems. If you need someone to talk to Versus Arthritis has a freephone helpline, on
    0800 520 0520, you could ring. Remember though that all are volunteers and are not medically trained.

    At the top of the page there are several buttons which will lead you to the various subjects Versus Arthritis covers.

    I look forward to reading your future posts on the forum.
    Best wishes
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am sorry you have had to find us. I can't really help, after many years I am used to it all but I completely understand your reluctance to opt for surgery: it takes a deal of patience and resilience to recover from operations (I have had a few in my time and far prefer spring and summer procedures as I found recovery easier in the longer, brighter days).

    Arthritis is a life-changing condition, if allowed it can lead to loneliness and isolation. I began with one joint in 1997 when I was 37 then plunged into depression when the OA was diagnosed in 2011. You are doing all the right things to help matters but they don't do enough, do they? Its unremitting nature is exhausting, we all get it because we all have it. DD
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    arther came to live sometime in my youth and lije a bad smell didn't leave, we are more than just an illness, we cannot let ourselves be defined by argher in any of his forms. We have no choice but learn to live with him, we can give him a dam goid ignoring which is what I did and suffered or deal with it and live alongside arther but in peace.

    At 37 you will still have lots of things you want to do. How will you deal wigh arther?
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    Both my feet are a total mess of self-fused and hypermobile joints but foot surgery is a bit risky as there are 26 joints in the foot so fixing one might only move the problem elsewhere.

    Personally, I'd be asking for referral to an orthotist to get some good orthotic insoles. They will cure nothing but might help with the pain and delay things getting worse.