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Hi i'm Mike (54 years old) and have been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis for three years, although I had symptoms for at least five years before that until a change of GP got me on the road to a proper diagnosis (my previous GP insisted I was a borderline gout sufferer). Currently taking 25mg Methotrexate by injection weekly (Folic acid x3 weekly), which seems to work very well for me albeit with some mild side effects. I also take a high dose Omega 3 oil tablet and high vit C every day to help with my condition and I must say that this year (3rd) has been my best, with regards to being pretty much pain free. After being diagnosed, I decided to change my job to reduce stress and to go partime which has also helped to make me feel less fatigued, I do find different joints get affected at different times at the moment my little fingers, but I expect it will choose another joint soon so they don't feel left out!


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    Hi and welcome to the forum,it sounds like you have your condition under control - there are people here more than willing to share experience/advice so do not hesitate to ask.

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    Hi Mike and welcome from me, too.

    As Mod Al says, you seem to have got things sorted as to how to make the best of life with arthritis and, if that's so, I'm really pleased for you. Going part time was probably a very wise move. No point in feeding the arthritic beast with any more stress than we have to.

    I take methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine for my RA and do well on them. As for it moving around - I've always kind of preferred that to it settling down permanently in one joint. At least it adds a bit of variety to life :wink:
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    Cor! Pretty much pain free? How wonderful, I am pleased for you and hope that long remains the case. I have PsA which in turn led to osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia so my arthritic experience is very different to yours. Don't be too dsimissive of your first GP: gout is on the long list of inflammatory conditions and, as it tends to affect the smaller joints (as PsA is supposed to do), it was a sensible diagnosis. My PsA began in my left knee in 1997 but it's done the right thing since and is in all my toes as well as elsewhere. :lol:

    I am so please that things are going well for you, that is how things are meant to be. I wish you well. DD
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