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5 years ago I started with a bit off pain in my left foot, this came and went every few weeks and would last for a few hours then months later it got worse and was diagnosed with arthritis. Usually get the symptoms every few months in that foot.

Last summer while recovering from knee surgery on my right knee I started to get awful pain in my right foot and with my knee being sore I was in agony. After a few days it had gone. I was off work 5 months after the surgery and the Saturday I was due back to work the pain appeared again on my right foot so I had to take 3 days holiday on my return. After I recovered I bought a tin of CBD balm cream and this seemed to work until this Wednesday when my right foot started to throb. Today is Saturday hardly slept since Wednesday and the pain has shifted from to off my foot now to the sole, I can't hardly walk but with 3 dogs and jobs to do I can't have no rest.

Any cure for this dam thing and why at 43yr old I have had arthritis in my feet?. I am a gardener/groundsman and often have wet boots/socks .


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    Hi Davejjt,

    Welcome to the forum. Recurring foot pain and now it’s in either foot and sometimes the toes, other times the soles. Definitely not good for an outdoor job.

    Have you been diagnosed with arthritis of the feet? If you are you might get a referral to podiatry to see if insoles or shoes could help. You could also look into gel insoles and invest in some footwear that would cushion your feet more.

    Here’s a link to a fact sheet on foot problems

    I too have very tender soles of my feet, like you I don’t quite understand why it is but luckily for me it wears off during the day.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am sorry you have had to find us. If you do have arthritis of some kind then, sadly, no, there is no cure. I have two kinds which affect my feet, my toes have psoriatic arthritis and my ankles osteoarthritis. The psoriatic is an auto-immune kind and the damage that caused has led to osteo, some of my joints have one kind, some the other and others both. I began aged 37 and am now 59.

    Arthritis has no respect for age or gender, the youngest person I have heard of with an auto-immune kind was eighteen months old and those in their twenties are now being diagnosed with osteo; if it's a joint it can be affected. What operation did you have in your knee and why? DD
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    Hi, I slipped at work on a grass banking end off 2016 after wrong diagnoses and waiting for surgery it was was May last year I had the op for a torn patella tendon.

    I have problems with my feet anyway, I have high arch feet so I got a NHS inner sole's for both feet which I put in my work boots. Just been to my mum and dad's and both say I might have gout.
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    It's best to make an appointment with your GP as we cannot diagnose. Gout is on the spectrum of auto-immune inflammatory conditions, it can be sorted or controlled with medication. My husband has the odd bout of it every now and again, a week's worth of an anti-inflammatory medication sorts him out. I know which I would prefer to have! :lol: Please let us know how you get on. DD

    PS. I asked about your knee in case it was OA-related.
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    we are not qualified & cant see your feet , so get it checked out with your GP , would have thought if it was gout you would know about it , as for arthritis in your feet , there is so much that can go wrong , better to get it checked / xrays & maybe you need new insoles