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Hi my name is Linda and joined the forum today as I am struggling and hopefully can get some tips of how to manage these flare ups. I have osteoarthritis in both knees hips bottom of spine and my hands. I’m finding that each time I have these flare ups they are getting worse. I’m taking 30/500 Co. Codamol 2x4 times a day . I’ve had 2 arthroscopies on my right knee and been told it’s grade 4 arthritis. My orthopaedic consultant says he will replace my knee when my bin gets below 28 it is currently 32. I find it hard to loose weight as I suffer from under active thyroid. I work full time and average 12to 15,000 steps per day in my job and swim twice per week . I am 60yrs old and am really struggling and getting upset with it all the burning sensation is really cruel.
Sorry for moaning but really could do with some help from somebody who really understands .


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    Hi Buttercup1,

    Welcome to the forum. I really feel for you and know exactly where you are coming from. Multiple affected joints with osteoarthritis is not easy to live with as I too have experience.

    Have you told your GP, who usually deals with osteoarthritis? There are medications for non steroidal anti inflammatory disease (NSAIDs) which I’ve personally found helpful. I know this because I had to stop taking them when I had my new knee - and my neck was so painful! I too had information on bmi.

    I have to say my OA is improved now I have lost weight, to the extent I have delayed my second TKR for the time being. It’s not magic, I couldn’t run a marathon - or even walk far but there is an appreciable difference. It’s also true the operation itself is easier for the surgeon and for us to recover from.

    I had great family support and my Mum and husband dieted too which was really helpful, although sad if they lost and I didn’t! Mum followed calorie counting, we did the low carb by the diabetes charity. We all lost weight, enough for the operation and to spare. You will see others here go to various classes - some post their success and struggles and find it helps.

    Here’s our leaflet on osteoarthritis - have a look at the treatments other than pain relief, I find many of the suggestions helpful

    Keep posting, so we can help you as much as we can

    Take care
    Yvonne x