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Just saying hello really! I'm 42 this week, and suffer from inflammatory arthritis as a result of ulcerative colitis. I have it mainly in my wrist and fingers, but sometimes also my ankle. It is fairly well under control at the moment [removed comma - Bryn Admin] and I feel positive going forwards, though it has taken a long time to get here!


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    Hello and welcome geeky to Versus Arthritis Community Forum

    Sorry to read of your problem with arthritis, but, also, pleasing to read you now have it somewhat under control. You have to come to right right place for help and support, we have forum users with similar issues who will be able to offer some good friendly advice.

    Please feel free to contact the Helplines for further support, the number is at the head of the page.

    Enjoy the forum

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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I hope you find the forum to be of interest. I began back in 1997 when I was 37 and it's been steadily downhill ever since :lol: I did not receive an accurate diagnosis until 2006 which had the impact of being pelted with marshmallows.

    What meds are you taking? DD
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    Hi geeky. I was once in hospital next to a lady with ulcerative colitis and RA and, I must say, I felt that my RA and OA were easier things to deal with. I'm so glad you feel things are going a bit better for you now and I hope that continues :D
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    Hi geeky hello from me too :)

    Nice to meet you. Please do come on in and join us.


    Toni xx