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Any advice on how to sleep a full night without sleeping pills would be appreciated. Have to get up for work and lack of sleep doesn't make for a good day at work. Thanks


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    What is affecting your sleep? If it's pain breakthrough then taking some pain relief around an hour before settling down can ease things sufficiently to help you drop off and maybe reduce the amount of pain breakthrough in the night. DD
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    Also, we are all advised to stay clear of electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc) for two hours before going to bed as they interfere with our sleep patterns.
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    Oainkillers send me to sleep and generally I stay asleep. When I do wake and can't return to a sleep, I will get up,bmaje a cuppa, have a read till I want to return to bed sometimes sleeping later.

    Exercise helps, doing intersting things, action plans, hot bath, a good book and I fall asleep. Getting back into natural rhythmms of sleep is the hard bit..