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Hi guys loving the emoij's on here:)

I was told I had Arthritis when I was only 19..It started in one side of my neck and shoulder, affecting my whole arm down to my hand...Since than things have spiralled out fo control, over 10 years ago it spread to every part of my body...Over the years I have seen many practitioiners calling themselves specialists and yet none have been able to diagnose me properly or had any idea how to treat my symptoms...I have a whole host of diagnosis eg: Fibromyalgea, Sinusitis, Tinnitus and Cervical spondylosis...I have had Sciatica, Hiatus hernia and TMJ, these I have healed and sorted out myself without any help from so called specialists...So I know we can help ourselves...Only problem for me is having so many issues that are overlapping and being a carer for my family members for the 12 years has taken so much out of me and I am finding it hard to work on my symptoms stress free...I know stress is the main culprit and main factor in ALL ailments...I do yoga stretches every single day, these are my lifeline to a little more flexibility in my body and joints...I do alot of mindfulness, meditations, breathing exercises that heave helped keep me out of the hospital environment and out of a wheelchair...Every day is agony and constant working on myself to keep me moving forwards...I guess I'm on here for some emotional support, sometimes it just helps when you're talking to someone who knows what you're talking about and can relate...I love exchanging thoughts and ideas, gives me something to focus on other than pain....Well I think its enough for today,don't want to bore everyone, plus i'm down withthe flu virus so not all here t2507 :)))!...Looking forwards to making and new friends and having interesting conversations...See you in a while crocodile!


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    Hi and welcome,sounds on here sre many who like yourself are trying to make the best of a bad job,there are people here who want to share their experience so I hope you get what you want.
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    Hello and welcome from me, too. You sound to be doing a lot to help yourself and I'm sure it all does. In the absence of magic wands we each have to find our own way through the arthritic mire but things like exercises, distraction, yoga, meditation and mindfulness can help a lot of us.

    I'm presuming you have OA from what you write. I began at 15 with RA which gradually ushered in OA in most joints. Hips and knees have been replaced. You are quite right, too, about stress making everything worse though I don't think it can actually cause any type of arthritis.

    Unfortunately, no-one specialises in so many problems which is why we take them to our GPs. Some things can be cured but others just have to be lived with - and forgotten about as much as possible :lol:

    I do hope your family care for you as you care for them. We all need a bit of help along the way. I learned a valuable lesson when I got my knee replacements. The boys were 7 and 10 and, when I got home, my husband had a rota of household tasks pinned up in the kitchen. And they did them! They're now self-reliant adults.

    Sorry about the flu. Have you asked for a flu jab? I get one automatically due to the RA meds and old age but it might be worth you asking.
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    Hello, I have psoriatic and osteoarthritis and am spending today in bed thanks to the extreme cold: I am bone-on-bone throughout both knees and can usually cope with the grinding but not today. All my OA-affected joints are playing up, the OA loves the autumn and winter, the psoriatic the spring and summer so it's a lose-lose for yours truly. :lol:

    I was born with auto-immune troubles so the psoriatic arthritis was no surprise, unlike the osteoarthritis diagnosis: back in 2011 I was still under the illusion that one had one of the other but both was an impossibility then my world was turned upside down. I don't have a family to care for (my parents died and I am deliberately childless) and I am retired. I do have a healthy husband but he is not my career because I don't need looking after, support yes but I am perfectly capable of doing stuff and I do. I know I am very fortunate in that I can stop the world and get off every now and again.

    Due to asthma which began when I was seven I have had a flu jab every year since they began and my husband pays for one too because I am immuno-suppressed thanks to the meds I take for the psoriatic arthritis. I hope you feel better soon, keep hydrated and take some paracetamol to help the aches and pains and to reduce any temperature. Hope to hear from you again soon. DD
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    Brighteyes67 Hello from me too!

    It's lovely to meet you :) I think you have a great attitude I also practice yoga stretches and make sure I walk daily - maybe not far but a walk :)


    Toni x