Partial Knee Replacement......What was it like for you?

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Hi All,

I am facing a partial relining of the inner section of my left knee in the next few months. I've lived with it for over a year due to other medical needs but now have the time to get the problem sorted. I am currently seeking the right surgeon and facility to do the work. Three surgeons have examined it and all agree that its ideal for a partial replacement as both the knee cap and outer section are sound. I know the differences between the full and partial operations and much prefer what has been recommended.

My question is to anyone who's had a similar operation done. Can I ask for your experiences, pain levels, post operation progress, rate of improvement etc. I've read all the good stuff online but can't find very much written by, or for those, facing partial ops rather than full replacements.

Any comments and help appreciated. Thanks.



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    Hi Boeingboy
    Welcome to the forum.Glad you have found us. Everyone on the forum has Arthritis of some kind and they are also understanding and encouraging people who will understand what you are going through.
    I am sure that someone from the forum can answer your question I have only had replacements knees and hip the forums most popular are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat .
    All the best Christine
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    Those who have had successful procedures very rarely post, why would they? They're done and dusted, sorted and back out there living la vida loca: the regular posters on here such as me are too far gone, the rest are too new and waiting for diagnosis, drugs and operations and so unable to help anyone.

    As I recently said to someone else, the experiences of others are of little relevance. They are not you, do not have your exact circumstances, may not be as physically fit as you (or you might not be as them), have different tolerance levels for pain and inconvenience. Surgery will work, and work effectively, if the patient plays their full part in doing the post-op exercises and by being patient because the deep healing takes far longer than people think. It takes time, often years, for joints to reach the pitch of needing surgery, repairing or replacing them is not an instant fix. Have it done and get on with life, you'll miss out otherwise. Good luck! DD
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    I've had three knee replacements but not a partial one. I suggest you put the term (partial knee replacement) into the search engine above (green bar penultimate on right) and former threads will come up. I hope it all goes well for you.
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