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Have osteoarthritis at stage 2 but extremely painful possibly due to nerve involvement. I also have bonespurs. Had a very bad car accident 5 years ago breaking both femurs. I therefore have metal work and screws at the knees which means knee replacement is not advised. Recently started amitryptolene for pain..too soon to assess success.
Anyone else with advice for someone who is in extreme pain and cannot have a knee replacement? Any knowledge of bonespurs growth etc?


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    Hi Bonespur
    Welcome to the forum so sorry you are going through a lot of pain at the moment due to your Bonespur and osteoarthritis. Everyone on the forum has Arthritis of some kind they are also understanding and encouraging people who will understand what you are going through. It is also a friendly forum and you will be made welcome by everyone.
    Hope all goes well Christine
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    Dear Bonespurs

    Thank you for your post on the forum and my apologies for the delay in replying to your posting.

    I am sorry to hear that you are in so much pain and hope that the new medication you have been prescribed helps in managing this. It is important to continue to speak to your GP about reviewing your pain relief so that it helps in managing the pain. Exercise is important in keeping joints moving but they need to be the right type of exercise to manage the arthritis. Your GP should be able to advise about referral to a physiotherapist who can advise you on these exercises.

    You could also speak to your GP about referral to a pain clinic whose aim is to help manage the pain. If you follow the link below this will take you to the information on our website about pain that includes treatment and self help

    There is also information about how osteoarthritis affects and changes the joints on the link
    I hope that this information is helpful. If you would like to talk to us here on the helpline you can call us on our free and confidential helpline number on 0800 520 0520.

    Best Wishes
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    Hello and welcome from an ordinary member and non-specialist- not part of the 'team'.

    I'm butting in because your story rings some bells for me. I don't know how relevant my experience is and it won't provide any answers but my OA also causes bone spurs to form in joints as the body's way of trying to compensate for degeneration of cartilage. In my case spurs have developed slowly over the 30 years since OA diagnosis.

    I had one spur successfully removed from my R shoulder, along with calcium deposits from the tendons, by keyhole surgery about ten years ago. I have others, including behind the patellae but don't 'qualify' for knee replacement (which. I was told, is the only way to remove them) because I still have some remaining cartilage in the joints.

    I wouldn't describe my pain as 'extreme' but it is significant enough to restrict mobility and, like many people with arthritis I use amitriptyline - but only at night as it turns me into a daytime zombie. In a low dose I find it very helpful.

    I am also due to have a L shoulder replacement next week following a failed fracture repair. The fractures themselves healed well but the blood supply to the head of humerus was lost so some of the metalwork that was inserted 15 months ago has worked loose and it will all be completely removed before the rest of the surgery is done. The particular procedure I am having is relatively new and it's not a weight-bearing joint but maybe there is hope that new techniques will be found to allow joint replacements for patients with other surgically repaired fractures.

    So, on all counts, my experience differs from yours but at least I know a little about your issues and do hope you soon find better relief from the pain.
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    Thank you for this detailed reply which does indeed have similarities to my situation. I am a bit happier now with 2 amitryptaline each day and oromorph prescribed to, "keep in reserve" if the pain gets really severe again.
    I have been referred for an appointment with my consultant but, even although I am paying for it, I am likely to have to wait for a few weeks.
    I shall ask the surgeon about the possibility of something similar to what you are having for your shoulder. I know he would have been reluctant to do anything 5 years ago because of additional trauma at the accident site and because the metalwork would have to be removed before a knee replacement. However, thankfully things move forward.
    I wish you all the best for the shoulder replacement and would be very interested to know how things go.