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This week has been a bit of a journey. I only just joined this forum this last week, seeking advice for marathon training. I think you must have all thought I was crazy. Today I realised that too. I have been hurting and in pain for so long now with osteoarthritis and pushing to run big miles. But I am still extremely proud of my training and wouldn't change what I have done (to run two 20 mile runs 11 days apart, took some teeth gritting). This weekend I was scheduled to run 22 miles by my marathon training plan. I couldn't run for 3 days leading up to today because I couldn't even rest without pain. On top of which I started to feel the same burning sensation in my right hip. I spent most of yesterday on/off in tears as the realisation set in. This morning I cried quite a lot. I wanted to run but not the 22 miles scheduled and not in silly little loops out of fear. But because I missed my village and running in all the pretty places that I used to run so careless and so happy. So that is what I did instead, 10 miles happy and I made the decision to defer my marathon entry to 2020. The fact that I was getting so close to destroying my body completely and losing running all together, the thing I love so very much meant I had answered my own question. You never know a year on my health may improve or maybe I'll still just be running in my favourite places where I live and of course saying hello to everyone. But I will always live in hope! :D Thank you for all of your lovely support and for helping me find my way. Sharon X


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    Well done, we all have a different path to tread, its just a matter of finding it.
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    You're very welcome and it's always nice to be thanked. Good luck with the future.
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