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Hi, I was diagnosed with psoriatic enthesitis in 2017. The consultant said I did not have 'frank' psoriatic arthritis. I have been on pain killers for the last year. I was signed off by the Rheumatology consultant last year. My symptoms have significantly worsened and I have been re-referred by my GP to a consultant. I want to know what I should ask for to clarify accurately the status of my condition? I am concerned that it may take ages to get an appointment and that I will miss the opportunity for early intervention. Advice please.


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    Hi Haytch and thank you for your post on the forum

    I am so sorry to hear that your symptoms have progressed, and you have been re-referred to consultant, which is a good thing.

    Just to let you know that we are not medically trained on the helpline, and I am unsure what ‘frank’ psoriatic arthritis means.

    I have given you a link to our information on Psoriatic arthritis, which I hope you find helpful. The following paragraph explains how it is diagnosed:

    ‘There's no specific test for psoriatic arthritis, but the diagnosis is based on your symptoms and a physical examination. Your doctor will check for psoriasis and may ask if there's a history of psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis in your family’.

    I think the main thing is to let the consultant know that primarily you want clarification around the type of arthritis you have, and once you are informed you can go from there.

    For more responses you might like to repost on our ‘living with arthritis’ forum:

    If you would like to talk things through, please give us a call on our helpline: 0800 520 0520 (weekdays 9am – 8pm) here we can take our time to talk informally and in confidence.

    Best wishes
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