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Hello all, I'm very confused about creams or gels, is there evidence that they work. Please advise.


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    Hi Matt
    welcome to the forums, it is lovely to have you here. I was wondering what kinds of creams and gels you were refering to? The best person to ask would be the pharmacist in your local chemist, we are not medically trained here and can only talk from experience. I can say that I sometimes use Ibuprofen gel on my shoulder which I find eases the pain a little and doesn't upset my stomach in the same way that taking the tablets would.
    I am sure our members will share their experiences with you
    Best Wishes
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    You don't say what you want them for so I am working on the assumption that you are affected by osteoarthritis.

    The main difference, I think, is in the texture. Either will contain an anti-inflammatory element which is designed to reduce inflammation which is supposed to reduce pain and there might be a pain relief element too, such as paracetamol. If there is then you do not take paracetamol tablets alongside.

    If by 'work' you mean that all your pain will be banished then yes, they do if one is in the very early days of OA and the damage to the joint is minimal. Once the cartilage is eroded and bone is beginning to rub on bone then no, they will dull the outer edges of the pain but no more. Any form of arthritis is progressive and degenerative, creams or gels will not stop that process. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Matt.

    This might help though it's almost 10 years old now.

    Also, the reliable site drugs. com has some ratings.
    Interestingly, diclofenac, under different names, has ratings varying between 4.8 and 8.3.

    Personally I don't rate them though, in my experience, they will give very temporary, mild relief for mild to moderate pain.
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