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hi Im Tyjen a recycled teenager (I wish) with osteo arthritis in both knees, arthurs been with me now for 20 years plus!! I find it very difficult to walk so dont go out apart from going to the bins! I also have M.E. which Ive had now for 9 years. My best friend is my ipad / laptop, I dread to think what it would be like without them. My one wish would be to wake up pain free even just for one day!


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    Hi Tyjen and welcome to the forums.

    Sorry to hear you’ve had Osteoarthritis for so long and find walking difficult. Do you use any aids at all, as getting out even for just for a short while is good for both mental and physical wellbeing?

    Having ME on top is a pretty rough deal. Waking up without pain, even just for a short time, is a profound wish for many of us - we do know how you feel!

    Dive right in and join the different conversations, I’m sure your experience will be very useful to others here.

    All best wishes
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    Yes Ive a few aids which help me move around, but Im unable to walk very far and its not helped by having M.E. The M.E. has improved over the years with the pacing technique, there was a time at the beginning I couldnt even get out of bed. Ive no family to speak off living close by, they live over 100 miles away, thank god for skype, they also visit on a regular basis :D Im on the list for a space in the scooter shed (sheltered housing) so I can get a mobilty scooter, sad thing is that Im literally waiting for someone to die to get their place! I moved to supported sheltered 4 yrs ago because I needed the support but west sussex stopped the funding a couple of years ago. So theres no support at all. The social side of things here is awful, its very clicky, I did get involved at first but it was all gossip and people being two faced and too many 'fair weather friends' so I dont mix at all now. I look forward to the better weather so I can actually sit outside. Have to say if I knew what living in sheltered accomodation was like I would never have moved here! :(
    oh dear reading that back sounds like Im having a right Monday moan! :shock:
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    Hello, I began my first arthritis back in 1997 when I was 37 then osteoarthritis was diagnosed in 2011. Some joints have one, some the other end others both. As pain is a constant factor I manage it with as little pain relief as I can get away with, nothing is going to get rid of it for any length of time so I distract myself - focusing on it only makes it worse. There is some thinking that ME is on the spectrum of auto-immune inflammatory conditions (which number around three hundred) and my auto-immune arthritis (psoriatic, PsA) certainly affects my whole body when it's playing up unlike the OA which has the decency to remain localised in the affected joints. I also know when that is going to be more of an issue than normal, unlike the other which is sly in what it does and when it does it.

    I hope you find the forum to be of interest, we all get it because we've all got it: we each deal with it differently, respond to it individually but all know what it's like. DD
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    Sometimes, Tyjen, we all need a 'Monday moan'. Sometimes we need a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday etc etc moan too :wink:

    I have RA and OA and have had for many years.

    I'm sorry your area is cliquish and not welcoming. You have enough to put up with without that. At least your family are supportive insofar as they can be from a distance. (I suppose there's no chance of your moving nearer?)

    At least you now have us as virtual friends. I hope you'll enjoy being with us :D

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