Osteoarthritis of the Knee and Cycling

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Hi All

I feel it's time I shared this in the hope it could help others. My name is Mark, I'm 53 years old and was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the left knee approximately 2 years ago, after experiencing some discomfort and restricted movement. The following 18 months or so saw a marked deterioration to the point where I was either limping badly or barely able to walk a few yards. My physiotherapist had provided an exercise regime which I diligently adhered to but it had no real effect. My consultant had previously advised cycling but i had nowhere to keep a bike.

Then I moved house, two and a half miles from work. With room to spare, and a motive, I bought the bike. I had it modified by moving the pedal 40mm down the crankshaft, just enough to enable my knee to rotate.

6 months on and the result is astounding. Sleepless nights are no more, I feel very little pain, and my limp is occasional and light. I understand it will not be for everyone but I can't recommend cycling enough. If you're suffering and but are able to rotate your knee enough, you have to give cycling a try. I can honestly say it has transformed my life.

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